Unlike other agencies, we don't have flashy offices and an overwhelming number of staff. Here's why...

Digital Marketing Agency UK.

Digital Marketing Agency UK

Power of the Internet

We practice what we preach in that we utilise the power of the internet to run our business.

This means allowing people the flexibility to work remotely and having the utmost confidence in their ability to do so. The result of this is great for our customers:

1) We're more than happy to come and work out of your office so we're onsite to handle any questions and challenges you might have

2) We keep our overhead costs as low as possible, so we don't have to pass those costs on to our customers through the prices of our services

We get that marketing is often alien to small business owners, so our process allows us to be as personable and afford as possible whilst still helping your business meet its goals. 

Agile Workforce

Typically, marketing agencies have a lot of staff, with in-house experts across a range of topics. The problem with that is that you need to pass on those high-cost overheads into your pricing to your customers. 

We do things differently.

We have our key account team, who all specialise in marketing in their own right. This will be the individual you deal with on a day-to-day basis, who's responsible for meeting your business goals.

Where we're different is that we use a select group of outsources for specific tasks.

For example, perhaps you have a specific SEO challenge. We might bring in a specialist SEO consultant for part of the project, who's years of experience and expertise allow us to get the job done faster and more effectively.

Or perhaps you're looking to run some really specific paid advertising across social media. It may be that we're able to use one of our contacts to significantly improve the effectiveness of this to enhance your results.

(Check out our range of services here.)

All of this is done at our end, so you won't even notice, but it ultimately means that you've got the very best people working on your business without having to pay for us to keep a large roster of staff.

That's why we're not like any other digital marketing agency UK.

Free 1hr Consultation

We offer all interested clients a free 1-hour telephone consultation so you can hear more about how we'd work with you.

We'll use this time to understand more about your business and goals and then show you how digital marketing can help you take things to the next level.

It's a no-obligation consultation but will put you in a great place to action the insights on the back of it, or understand better how Lodestar Digital Marketing will help your business.

Quote "Free Consultation".