Should my small business be on Snapchat?

Should my small business be on Snapchat?

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There’s a lot of different social networks nowadays, so it’s understandable that you may have thought “should my small business be on Snapchat?”.  Let’s take a look at Snap Inc’s app in the current market and examine if it’s right for you:

There are a number of different factors to consider when considering how you want to promote your brands and services, with social media in general, being an important channel to consider.

The first point to consider, is who are you trying to reach? And then importantly, where are they hanging out?

Different social media networks appeal to different audiences.

Facebook offers a whole suite of options for businesses and individuals, so, therefore has an enormous number of users across all different types of demographics.

Twitter has become a way to digest news and information and a place to comment on current events and shows. It’s a bit like the new ‘watercooler’ (for those old enough to remember), where workers would gather around the drinking fountain to discuss that shocking bit of tele from the night before, except now that conversation happens immediately and with a load of people you don’t necessarily know.

And Instagram is different. And Google+ is different. And Pinterest is different. And so on…

So, back to the question “should my business be on Snapchat”?

Well, if your ideal target audience is aged between 12-24 years old, then it’s definitely worth considering.

Snapchat is currently the most used social media network for that platform, so great organic and paid content could be a highly valuable way to reach that audience.

Plus, over 10 billion videos are viewed each and every day. That’s a lot of views!

It certainly appears then to be a pretty strong platform, especially for those looking towards the younger end of the market.

But, let’s consider a few more things before giving Snapchat the big thumbs up in response to “should my small business be on Snapchat?”.

Fundamentally, Snapchat is a platform that allows content to be shared. Content, in this case, being predominantly pictures and video.

Therefore, to make your product/service appealing to your target audience, you need to be producing interesting and valuable content. Here’s a few challenges may arise:

  • Your industry – not all industries are that interesting to an end consumer. Ultimately, I need my accountant (and they do a fantastic job) but I wouldn’t want to connect with them on a visual app like Snapchat
  • Your time – do you have time to be producing and putting out lots of imagery and videos?
  • Your expertise – sometimes just working out what to share with your audience can be tough, after all you’re skilled in your field, not photography and video production

For some of those points, that’s why online marketing agencies like Lodestar Digital Marketing exist. We can take all of that pain away from you. But some hurdles are unavoidable, and if you don’t have anything interesting to share, then you don’t want to be on a platform for the sake of it.

Finally, let’s take a look at how’s the app performing in general.

And this is where the alarm bells really start ringing.

With analysts predicting that the company is going to report a $2.3bn net loss, and with shares falling below their initial float price, it’s plain to see that all might not be picturesque for Snap Inc.

Facebook and Instagram have both released new features, very similar to those being offered by Snapchat. With their interfaces arguably much more user-friendly, it’s only natural that people using these features will do so away from Snapchat.

Instagram Stories, which allow users to post 10-second videos & 4-second photos that are then automatically deleted after 24 hours, have been a real driving force behind Snapchat’s struggles. So much so, that more are now using the feature on Instagram.

Crucially, Snapchat’s growth has also slowed. This was always going to happen at some point, and overall the user-base is still growing, but innovation is required to get your small business in front of the right audience.

So, should my small business be on Snapchat?

As ever, it depends, but we certainly think there are better places to focus on right now.

Let’s not write Snapchat off just yet. It was their ability to introduce new features that led to their popularity in the first place, but they have a long way to go if they want to stabilise and grow again which such fierce competition in the market.

We’ll write more on Instagram, Facebook, and co. in the near future. But for now, why not let us know your thoughts below.

And don’t forget, learn more about the services we offer right here.