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A Social Media Marketing Agency For You

Social media has become a massive part of everyday life. As a social media marketing agency, we're here to help you take advantage of the millions and millions of people are logging into their social media accounts every day.

As a social media marketing agency, we specialise in helping local businesses get more from social platforms.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and the like are now where consumers are spending an ever-increasing amount of time, which offers businesses a fantastic opportunity to reach customers.

Boasting both free and paid methods of advertising and speaking to customers, social media has become a vitally important tool for local businesses to tap into. Our social media marketing agency is here to help you do that.

  • Humanise your brand by showing the way you do things
  • Take advantage of highly targeted advertising platforms
  • Create communities of brand advocates
  • Find complimentary products and services
  • Add value for consumers through interesting and insightful content

Our Social Media Management Process

  • Consultation

    We offer a FREE consultation that enables us to learn more about your business and requirements. It also gives you the chance to learn a bit more about the way we operate.

  • Audit & Goal Setting

    Once you've signed up to one of our social media management packages, we'll conduct an audit of where things are at currently and agree the goals of the project with you.

  • Strategy Development

    We'll then develop and agree a strategy with you to meet those goals. This will include the different social networks to use and how they'll be used.

  • Implementation

    Now we'll start to implement your strategy and increase your presence across the various social networks. These actions will be designed to ensure we meet the agreed goals.

  • Monthly Reporting

    We'll report back to you on a monthly basis so you've full visibility of the work conducted and how this is performing versus the agreed strategic goals.

  • Strategy Development

    Depending on how your strategy is performing, we'll tweak things on an ongoing basis to ensure you get the best results possible and the most bang for your buck.

Social Media Services

Social Management

Right now, social media is one of the most under-priced marketing channels going.

With user numbers growing, it’s vital that small businesses have a strong social media presence to appeal to their target audience.

We know that managing your social network pages can seem like a mammoth task, so we offer management services to take that off your plate and drive even greater results.

Social Media Page Creation

Getting the right look and feel for your social media pages is critical to their success.

Building multiple pages and establishing them with content and an interested audience can be tricky, but we know just how to get you up and running so that you can make the most of social media.

Social Media Page Revamp

Sometimes we find that small business owners have started to embrace social media however for one reason or another, their pages are a bit of a mess and not reflective of the great service they offer.

We’ll make sure that all your accounts are aligned and reflect your brand, maximising the effectiveness for you.

Social Media Artwork

Social media has become more and more visual over time, with the introduction of header/banner imagery to go alongside profile pictures.

We can make sure that your brand imagery is aligned across all channels, within the specific dimensions required for each one. This really helps your brand stand out and make and impact with your target audience.

What our clients say

We had been ‘playing’ out our social media, I am clueless and that is why I am so VERY grateful to Joe for all his help and support… I have literally handed the reins over to him and not looked back since.

Proactive, engaging, persistent, professional…the list goes on! THANK YOU JOE, from myself for taking all the stress away and from AGBG for raising our followers by 40% in just 2 months, and crucially more than doubling our activity and the amount of brands that engage with us on social media – brilliant!
– Claire Thayers, CEO

Assn Gloucestershire Business Groups PNG copy
Association of Gloucestershire Business Groups

With the launch of Gloucestershire Forwards, our team have been stretched, and Joe has been a great support to us. Working in partnership, he’s helped promoting AGBG, Gloucestershire Forwards and the club as a whole. Great content, great photos, great results – thank you!
– Mike Turner, Commercial Director

Gloucester Rugby | Lodestar Digital Marketing
Gloucester Rugby

I didn’t believe in social media before working with the Lodestar Digital Marketing team, but I’m now converted. I’m now getting thousands of views on my Facebook posts, without having to pay to promote them! The team sorts everything for me and it’s absolutely fantastic working with them!

Candid Pictures | Lodestar Digital Marketing
Candid Pictures

The team manage all my social media pages, saving me masses of time and hassle. They’ve even set me up on Instagram, which is perfect for my artwork, and got me over 850 followers from a standing start.

It allows me to concentrate on doing what I love – painting!

CPP Lodestar
Claire’s Pet Portraits


1 social network page/account
Daily topical posting & comment engagement
Grow your following
Proactive engagement
1 piece of written content creation
Minimum 3 months
Additional accounts: £150 per account
1 social network page/account
Daily activity: topical posting or comment engagement
Grow your following
Minimum 3 months
Additional accounts: £95 per account
1 social network page/account
Regular posting (2-3 times per week)
Minimum 3 months
Additional accounts: £50 per account